My work has a constant focus on the preservation and celebration of nature. I feel an immense attraction to its colors, shapes and textures. I use these elements as a visual language as well as a messenger. I work primarily with “mixed media on paper." This is the result of many years of practice.

In the beginning of my career Indian ink was my favorite medium. I guess the architectural drafting design and the fine art drawings walked side by side. The early works of the 70’s soon evolved to lithographs and intaglio prints. I loved to work with fine lines that had such rich texture, depending on how you drew and played with shapes and spaces.

It did not take long for my black and white works to get specks of color by adding color inks or collaged tissue papers. The lack of access to a printing press forced me to start using other methods of printing, such as linoleum and block prints. The continued experimentation showed me that I had great possibilities ahead. I found a language that worked for me: Mixed Media. I often incorporate natural elements - fibers, feathers, seeds, soil - into my art pieces.